The illiteracy dilemma in India

I think illiteracy is the root cause of most of the problems faced by us in India as only 66% of our population is literate.

When I say ‘literacy’ it is not just the ability to read and write, but also the ability to live in a community and care for your surroundings.

Our resources in India are depleting and the population rate has been increasing drastically. With the present rate of literacy, we are not able to educate a big set of people about the problems faced by India like population, infrastructure, and exhausting resources.

If our literacy rate increases, we will choose good political leaders. These leaders will address our problems and will help us use our resources in a scientific and organized manner, which will in turn help in the growth of our country as a whole.

At present around 50% of our women are illiterate and once they are educated, they will be more independent and will join the workforce to improve our country. A literate woman will make sure her child is educated too, whether male or female. That’s why they say “If you educate a man, you are educating one person, if you educate a woman, you are educating generations”.

In my opinion, we have to start educating people in rural areas because that is where most of our population is. We should educate women about their rights. We have to make good quality education accessible to our population and make it compulsory and free for all.

Aisiri Haritsa
Grade 8

Ekya Schools BTM Layout


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