Every parent wants the best quality education for their child and for this the most important factor in choosing the right school with an environment where your child can learn to face their future with confidence. If you are looking for some of the best schools in Bangalore with fees as an important factor, you will be met with a lot of options as there are a bevy of schools depending on the teaching methods and the curriculum used. To make your task of selecting the best school easier, here are a few factors to consider to help you make your choice.   

Learning Process 

When looking for the best schools in Bangalore, make sure to identify the learning process practised by the school. Each child requires a different learning process and as such interactive classes are the need of the hour. Your child needs to be heard and the teachers should familiarise themselves with the learning process that your child is most comfortable with.  In schools such as Ekya which has branches in major localities in Bangalore, the learning process in place is ‘Live the Lesson’ where an immersive teaching method is used with children being taught not just what to learn but how to learn. Being well versed in the process of learning will equip your child to adjust themselves academically in this changing world.


Whether you are looking for the best schools in Bangalore for 11th and 12th or elementary, primary, and middle schools, choosing the right board is very important. 

The three main boards you can choose from are:

  1. CBSE

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is the most popular board in India. It gives importance to maximum knowledge accumulation. This board is preferable for students who are interested in Maths and Science stream depending on their future aim. CBSE board is ideal for students who want to start preparing for college entrance exams as the syllabus is designed to prepare the students for such exams.


In the (Indian School Certificate Examination)  board, the curriculum covers a wide area, ensuring the students are educated in all aspects. The subject selection options are more vast keeping in mind the best interest of the student. There is a focus on equipping children with practical and analytical knowledge which will help them later in life.


The IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is the best board to opt for those who prefer a specialized curriculum. It may be the preferred choice especially for students who wish to continue their education in foreign countries as they use academically high quality and specialized English language in the curriculum. 

Apart from the board and the learning process, it is important to take note of the availability of infrastructure and other facilities in the school as these factors are important for your child’s all-round education.

4. Playgrounds

The one factor that makes any child excited to go to a school is the playground. A school with a vast, spacious playground is automatically attractive for a child and with good reason. It is important for the students to have an all round development including physical development with games and programs organised in the playgrounds. The Ekya school campus is an option for those who want a large playground and are interested in sports activities as the school also has volleyball, throwball, and basketball courts as well as 

5. Labs

Lab rooms are an important aspect to consider when choosing a school. It is crucial to consider if the school has a laboratory for different subjects including Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. It is a bonus if the school can have three separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The laboratories should be cautious about students’ safety with amenities for eyewash area, fume chambers and student googles. 

6. Library

When you are looking for the best schools in Bangalore, make sure it has the best library with well-stocked and up to date journals and books which will elevate the learning experience of your child. A digital school library can be a bonus for easy access and reading for children from the comfort of their homes. The libraries in Ekya schools are one to consider as they feature thousands of titles to choose from as well as a seating area that will charm the reader in your child. 

7. School Bus

School buses with pick and drop facilities in routes that are near to your home are of key importance. The bus drivers and conductors should ensure the safety of the child and provide enough seating capacity to fit each child. The schools should make sure that pre-primary and primary children are picked up by their parents or guardians only, in the absence of which the child should be taken back to the school until their guardian can pick them up. 

8. Camera and Security

The best schools in Bangalore should have well-equipped cameras and security systems in place because in a school with hundreds of children, safety is to be kept of prime importance. This is a factor every parent should consider. The school should be well lit for easy monitoring by teachers with security guards stationed at every gate. 

9. Hygiene

The school should have a clean and open space assuring the absence of any possible diseases arising from poor maintenance of bathrooms and classrooms. The students should also be encouraged by teachers to practise hygiene in their day-to-day activities. 

10. Location

Choose the best school in Bangalore which is not too far from your locality. Long hours of transport to and from the school can add to the exhaustion of your child making him or her lose energy for continuing with homework and other activities at home. When looking for a house to buy, it is important to consider that it is located in an area with a good school.

Extra-curricular activities Offered 

Make sure to check the extracurricular activities offered at the school, such as –

 1. Career Camps

The best schools in Bangalore should conduct career camps so the students can understand and decide what will be the best career for their future depending on their interests and strong areas. 

2. Sports activities 

An all-round education should include ample sports activities and tournaments encouraging the child to engage in physical activity for good health. 

3. Outbound learning

Activities and programs organised in open spaces refresh the minds of students and encourage a healthy and social environment. 

Teaching faculty

Quality of the Teachers in the school

While considering the board, the amenities, and the facilities at the school, do make sure to check the quality of the teachers and the head of the school.  At Ekya, Dr Tristha Ramamurthy is the Founder and Managing Director who believes that the student should be at the core of everything they do. She is passionate about providing the right platform for students so they can become independent thinkers and problem solvers. 

While considering the quality of the faculty, it is also important to find out the student-to-teacher ratio and ensure that each teacher looks after the right number of students so she can personally guide and monitor each one. 

Digital Learning Ecosystem

A digital learning ecosystem is the need of the hour. Schools should be equipped with modern and up-to-date technologies for easy and advanced learning methods. 

Check Reviews – 

To know more about Ekya schools, you can check for the reviews at websites such as GMB, Edustoke, and Schoolmykids. 


Make sure to keep a checklist of all the points mentioned above as you look for the best schools in Bangalore for your child. 

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