10th grade can be stressful for a lot of students. They are subject to a lot of pressure from their peers and their families. If approached the right way the board exams can easily be tackled.

My teachers helped me a lot in terms of understanding concepts and guiding me every step of the way. I studied for every exam with the same seriousness as I studied for the boards.
Some advice I’d like to give my juniors:
  • I’ve never been to tuitions and I feel this allowed me to try out my own tactics to crack even the hardest of subjects. Use simple things like mnemonics to help you remember points.
  • Everyone tells you to study hard. Yes, this is important but studying smart can take you a long way. Don’t waste time studying the redundant text in your books.
  • Competitiveness is actually good up to a certain point. It helps motivate you and enables you to strive to succeed.
  • Understand what you study. Don’t just learn for the sake of it, pay attention in class
  • Lastly, a lot of students aren’t able to finish papers on time. This costs them several marks. Being able to write exactly as much as the question and the allotted marks ask for is key.


Jahnavi Rajesh,

Topper of ICSE Grade X 2020 Batch

GRADE 10 (ICSE) – 98.00%

Centum – History&Civics, Geography, Computer Applications

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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