The scar was a topic Harry refused to discuss. Or rather ignore. His defeat of Voldemort seemed to be a century ago.

Harry felt a lot more like a Slytherin. He had agreed to something new. He felt like he wanted something new, something that will earn him the glory he wanted and deserved… but he’d have to earn it. 

Even though he was now forty years old, his birth month was not exactly far away… in fact, today was the twenty-seventh of July, and his birthday was on the thirty first.

He missed it all, fooling around in the dormitory, with Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan, and Dean Thomas. 

Seamus would currently be doing a report on dark arts that Harry had ordered him to do.

You see, Harry was the head of the Auror Department in the Ministry of Magic, now run by Aaron Babington.

Harry missed Hogwarts, even the detentions that he so often ended up in during his last and sometimes first few years at Hogwarts. Of course, most of the time, he tried to do the right thing.

He missed all the teachers in the castle that had always been his one true home.

Then there was a knock on the door of the house. Ginny went to open it, but when she did, she found nothing but the copy of the latest MAGIC SCRIPT, the local newspaper. 


‘The most respected hospital in the whole world,’ says Nurse Laura Carter, ‘just gets broken into by some bloke in a stupid cloak with a wand that looks as though you can squeeze it faster than clay? What cannot be wrong? My blames go to the government!’ The nurse clearly is not happy with someone who calls himself Grimsof the Great. This ‘Grimsof’ has shown a lot of criminal history … his wand is the cause of devastation amongst families whose loved ones could have been in St Cristonberg.

Harry read, then wondered aloud, ‘What is this?’ The answer, Harry did not need, as he already knew it. This was an outrage or a scandal for sure, but Harry knew that this is what will help him to earn glory again.

Harry worked the next full night, and he called Ron and Hermione. ‘I don’t get why you wish to be involved in this business,’ said Hermione on their third day of work. She got the answer from the annoyed look that Harry gave her.

Then, on the fourth day, Harry found a crucial detail: it was stated in Grimsofs’ magical profile that he had done most of his now rising crime in a place in Russia call Hemslovf. Harry, even in his wildest dreams, had never heard of this place.

So, Hermione found out more about the place, and soon enough, it was decided that Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione will go to Hemslovf to stop Grimsof from wrecking something else.

Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were all outside the house, and each holding hands to apparate to Russia.

 So, as they all wished each other luck, they apparated a few thousand kilometers from where they were originally standing.  

In one second, they were in a place that looked as though there was a dark wizard rampage just yesterday. Harry would have tried to cook up even worse descriptions for the place if not for a sudden black bubble in the sky. Out of nowhere, a few million more came, and they formed a circle, and a portal formed… A caped figure emerged from the portal.

Grimsof had a green cape. His wand also obviously didn’t look like it could be squished like clay. His hair was straight upwards and his shoes really went well with his black and red robes.

A horrifying cackle filled the air, and no one was able to escape his deadly stare as he said, ‘So, you all have come to here to stop me? Ahh, slim chance…’

‘Yeah right… you and who else?’ Ron piped up. 

‘I alone am a death trap!’ Grimsof snapped.

‘All right then,’ said Harry as he pointed his wand and shot a spell. It was dodged.

‘NOT TODAY!’ And then there was a blast coming from Grimsof’s wand which Harry deflected. A fierce battle ensued and Harry finally deflected a spell towards Grimsof and in one loud scream, where Grimsof was once standing, there was dust everywhere.

Grimsof was defeated.   

By Utkarsh Vyas

5 B, Ekya ITPL

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