Grandparents and why we love them?
– By Vibha Aditya, parent of Kashvi Aditya, Montessori, Ekya School BTM Layout

“The old are the precious gems in the center of the household”, these are some very wise words beautifully summed up in a Chinese proverb. At least two generations above us, they earn prefixes like “grand” or “great” and truly live up to that. Grandparents are pillars of strength through transitions. They undoubtedly make us their priority always. Most importantly, their love for us is unconditional.

Life changes, making adapting a very challenging process, yet a crucial one. This process of transiting through change is always made easier by grandparents. Every strand of grey hair on their head could easily represent an experience they would like to share with us. Their learnt lessons add priceless value to our decision making. As gurus to our subconscious mind with their deeds, and as mentors to our conscious mind with words, their wisdom guides us. Grandparents try to stop us from making bad choices and help us to make the right ones; growth alongside protection.

We are always a priority in their life; they spend enough time to know our likes and dislikes. Despite their dissipating energy levels, they do whatever it takes to try and keep up with us. Grandparents nurture our parents by working extremely hard and make numerous sacrifices. They strive to provide the best they can. Despite fulfilling their responsibilities as parents, they willingly make further sacrifices just for us – their grandchildren.

We are accepted with our flaws and comforted through the mistakes we make, with nothing but unconditional love by grandparents. Regardless of how strict their own parenting skills were, they are always there to play our advocate in times of need. Our safety and happiness are above all for them, so much so, they bend rules they once instigated. The only emotion they want us to feel is joy. They feed us food filled with so much love, that it satisfies every craving we have. Their cuddles and gestures of care very much warm our souls. They always walk the extra mile to help us fulfill our dreams.

What’s not to love about grandparents? Everything about these guardian angels is truly great and grand.

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