Recently, my class went on a field trip to the Venkatappa art gallery on the 16th Oct 2019. There were many magnificent paintings, sculptures, statues and inscriptions. We were interested in making inferences on what we saw and making connections with what we think.

Inferences on Materials Used

We saw many trumpets of bronze; so perhaps this meant that these instruments were made during the Bronze Age [a time when bronze was extensively used]. We also saw that some pots were made out of stone instead of clay. Probably, iron was used a lot during 5-7 century BCE as many of the iron artifacts were dated then.

Inferences about the artists.

We saw paintings with inscriptions. This could have meant that the artist probably wanted the future generation to know something unique about these paintings. We saw statues carved out of sharp tools which is very tough to do. This proves that the artists were very hard working and patient.

Inferences about the economy and trade.

We saw weights and measures; so this meant that the barter system was carried out based on these weights and measures.

Inference about language

We saw an inscription showing a dog fighting an elephant. The inscriptions narrate the story. It was made in 960 AD. I bet it would have taken a long time to decode as it is written in a different language.

Another inscription on war scenes made me think about the various war strategies that might have been used then. This too is in a different language.

The last but not least was an inscription about king Nitimarga performing a ritual while giving up life. This dates back to 869 AD.

As you can see, this field transformed us into historians; we made inferences, asked questions and found answers. While doing all this, we had loads of fun.


Grahesh Gautam

Grade 6B, Ekya School JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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