Intra and Inter school competitions give students an opportunity to exhibit and enhance their skills in areas beyond academics.  Students are able to showcase their talents and skills and compete in a healthy way.

Six of our students took part in the Gopalan Inter-School Music Competition which was held on 1st July, 2015.
  • Urja Srivastava of Grade 5 won the 1st Place in the Indian Solo Junior Category. She presented Raag Brindavani Sarang, an afternoon melody.  Congratulations Urja! 
Other students from our school who took part in the competition were
  • Isha Saxena of Grade 8 in the Indian Solo Senior Category.
  • Advika Thiyagarajan of Grade 3 in the Indian Solo Junior Category.
  • Jahnavi Rajesh of Grade 6 and Runwika of Grade 8 in the Western Solo Senior Category.
  • Riyana Karthik of Grade 4  in the Western Solo Junior Category.
Well Done dear students! We are proud of you!!


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  1. Congrats Urja. will love to hear sometime…


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