The students of Ekya ITPL over the past few months have been collaborating to make a range of products in order to raise money for a good cause. Sankara Eye Hospital has been conducting operations free of cost for the past few years which inspire us to donate for the same. 







The students have been working hard on various products ranging from lip balms, body scrubs, t-shirts to paper mugs, mud pots and colorful tote bags, perfumed candles, dreamcatchers, chocolates.  

The zeal and enthusiasm of the students encouraged us to work harder to produce reliable and useful products through recycling and upcycling. 

Our wonderful students put up a variety of food stalls too. From chaat corner – pani puri to fresh fruit juices, salad counter, sumptuos cholle puri, cupcakes, delicious chocolates, healthy sandwiches and salads, we had it all….

Students attending Saturday Clubs and After School Activities put up a great showcase.

The club display included Visual Art Club, ICT, Junior Masterchef, Rangmanch Theater club, Basketball club, Cricket Club, Football Club, Dance club, Math Club, Film Making- Bioscope Club.

After school Activities included display for Chess, Basketball team and Mass Coaching, Skating, Karate, Fitness Dance, Keyboard.

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