A Fundraiser in schools can teach the students a valuable lesson; that if they put their minds to something they achieve they will achieve it. The spirit of fundraising will be carried from one stage to another. The school fundraiser is one of the most effective ways of fundraising. Ekya BTM witnessed this event of a fundraiser on 29th February 2020. There were many eateries and game stalls that was organized by the students. The fundraiser was a grand success as it was completely student-driven. The enthusiasm that was showcased by the students brought light to the event and remained throughout and helped in making it a great success. Parents too encouraged the idea of charity and supported the cause very well.

Improved Selling Skills

One of the benefits of fundraising schools is that it helps in enhancing the selling skills of the learners. We have a specific cause and need cash to run the cause. One of the ways of raising capital for such causes is through fundraisers.

The student raised money for such causes in different ways, hosting games and food stalls are some of the ways that they did this.

Working in Teams

It is usually said that if you want to go fast go alone, but if you’re going to go far go as a group. Fundraisers help different individuals in learning how to work in teams. Whenever there is a fundraiser, the students may be required to work towards meeting the objective of the fundraiser.

It teaches the student to cooperate in groups and to pull together which is critical as it helps in the nurturing of leaders. It also helps the students to learn how to delegate various roles that they are assigned.

Importance of Charity and Community

Another thing that fundraisers teach the children is that nobody is an island. Children were therefore given various tips that help them in co-existing with others. They were also trained in multiple aspects of charity which is essential in any community since we typically have the rich and the poor.

The students organized themselves in proper groups and came up with a robust system that helped the individuals learn how to organize different members of a given community. They learned the different ways of approaching different charitable activities.

Encourages Creativity

Fundraising helped children to be creative. To achieve the goals of fundraising, students worked hard and showcased their creativity by developing different methods that will help them in the same. The students thought outside the box and learned to be imaginative and sort out the different ways of going about various issues.


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