Friendship comes with love

Under the sky above

Friendship comes with sharing

and to each other, we should be caring

A friend is one, with whom we play

and with whom we spend the day

With them we go to rivers and lakes

and with them we cut our cakes

A best friend is one

It can’t be anyone else under the Sun

A friend is someone who knows us

With them we go on rides on a bus

A friend is for ever

and they can’t be separated, never!

Friendship is magic

Without them, life will be tragic

A friend is someone we hug and kiss

and if one goes away, that’s whom we miss

Without a friend it’s the worst

We feel, with tears, we are going to burst


By Maya Kubher,

Grade 4C, Ekya School JP Nagar



Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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