Our students are given numerous opportunities to participate in activities and field trips to enhance their learning experience. Real-time experiences help our students to improve their interpersonal and social skills. It improves their communication skills as they interact with their peers at a personal level.
With an objective of sensitizing students about the animals and their habitats, pre-primary students of the Ekya School JP Nagar were taken for a field trip to Bannerghatta National Park. With joy & excitement, students saw numerous animals like tigers, lions, bears, elephants, porcupines, tortoise, white tigers, leopards, snakes etc.
Not just animals, students got a chance to see some rare categories of birds like emu, pelicans, pigeons, macaw, different kinds of parrots and parakeets etc.
In true sense, this visit to the zoo helped our students relate to the concepts they had been learning in class with real-life experiences gathered at the zoo. 
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