Devin Ryan Pearl

Devin Ryan Pearl runs his Proprietorship company called DECIPEARL at Bangalore. The company caters to Professional audio and studio services. He has done Sound Design projects for short films and feature films. 

As a youth, he volunteers as a Global Schools Advocate to reach out to schools in India to bring awareness about the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. 

He is also a musician and specializes in the art of Acapella singing. As a  passionate singer he ministers with The Bangalore Men’s ensemble at various Churches in Bangalore. His Church activities involve teaching Acapella music to the youth and the Sunday school children and volunteering in various youth initiatives of inter-religious faith dialogues. 

Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya

Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is an Orthopedic surgeon and a shoulder and knee specialist. He brings in a truly global experience in shoulder and knee surgery. He has completed his specialist training from Madras Medical College, which has the biggest Orthopedics department in the country. After specialization, he has worked in leading hospitals around the globe learning the best of shoulder and knee surgeries. While in Australia, he was the recipient of the prestigious Melbourne Knee Fellowship (St Vincent’s Hospital) and the Orthoclinic Sydney fellowship in shoulder and elbow. He holds another fellowship in Shoulder and Elbow from Ospedale De Cervesi, Italy. He was the Tohoku University traveling fellow of the year 2015, during which he visited Japan furthering his experience in shoulder and knee surgeries. He has also completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma from Seoul, South Korea.

 He was here to give our children an insight into his profession and how can one choose their career as a doctor and the goal that they can persuade.

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