Nandini Yadalam is an art therapist who practices in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. Taking a detour from her IT career, she chose to pursue Art Therapy in the UK. She is passionate about the emotional well being of all and sees it as a necessity for life. As she has practiced this, she has found art to be a powerful media and tool for the same.
Wikipedia – Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art materials, such as paints, chalk, and markers. Art therapy combines traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process, especially the affective properties of the different art materials.

Ms. Nandini in her talk explained how art can be a representation of the state of mind. She emphasized that art is evolving as a medium in psychological healing and emotional well being. The children could understand and consider their options in that particular field. The session was very interactive as the topic of discussion triggered many new thoughts in young minds.
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