An author visit provides the whole school with a common learning experience. It lends authenticity and credibility to the reading and writing process. An author visit is a great way to get parents and the community involved in student learning. It inspires excitement and gives students a goal to work toward. An author visit is a rich experience that students not only learn from but remember for a long time.

Our school enjoyed a visit with Ms. Shashikala Gadepally, author of several titles. In the months leading up to her visit our kids eagerly researched her biographical information, and through structured activities became familiar with her writing style. While they enjoyed getting to know her and anticipated her visit, they were enamored with her books — each one inspired excitement and remained checked out.

She is a life-long learner and lover of books. She has taught nearly every elementary grade level in a variety of settings. She loves helping kids discover their unique voices and connecting them to great books. Her favorite job is raising her own readers.

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