Parents’ Day celebrations at Ekya School, Byrathi on Saturday, 29th, February 2020 started off with cheerful greetings to all parents. Various activities such as parent and child competitions, family fashion parade, tableau, and Zumba sessions were planned for parents to participate in.

Teams of Parent-child of grades 3 to 7 participated in origami craft competition in which they made colorful flowers, birds, windmill, animals, butterflies and more out of craft paper in half an hour.

Similar teams from all grades made flower rangoli using bright flowers to make the Om symbol, a tulsi pot, a sun design and more. Parents and children of Grades 1 and 2 in teams participated in a thread art competition, where the teachers first gave a demo on how to make beautiful flowers by just using thread and paints.

Water filters, storage units, and dioramas were made in the ‘best out of waste’ competition by parents working in teams. Our teachers then led the Zumba dance sessions for both parents and children with light and cheerful steps.

For the family parade, families were informed to wear color-coordinated outfits. Families joyfully participated in the event holding exciting props such as umbrellas, hats, masks, mustaches, etc. Families also participated with great enthusiasm in creating intriguing scenes during the tableau session.

Students gave an insight into the school assembly, where weekly sharing of affirmations, good things, and other new learnings were shared with the parents through various performances.

We organized some fun races for parents, children, and grandparents such as balloon bursting, balancing a balloon and lemon and spoon races. A live tattoo counter was also organized for those who love to get inked!

Food stalls and stalls selling cosmetics, bags, clothes, household items, etc were also organized. It was an enthralling day for parents, grandparents, students, and staff of the school.

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