On Saturday, January 30th, 2021, Grade 6A hosted an assembly based on Unity in Diversity. We worked from November till January preparing all of our presentations for the assembly, under the guidance of our class teacher, Ms Moitreyee. Defying the challenges of meeting online, we attended countless meetings and rehearsals and practiced by ourselves for many weeks. The class was divided into teams and people were given roles. A group of students designed the script with the help of Ms Moitreyee. Other groups worked towards creating ppt, editing videos or researching content.  Still others choreographed and practised dances and rehearsed chanting Shlokas.

The program started with a welcome towards the audience and the sharing of the thought of the day and the news was given. Then the birthdays that occurred from January 15 to 30th were announced. Next, there was an introduction to the theme of the assembly – Unity in Diversity and how festivals are the true manifestations of it. Makar Sankranti, celebrated fortnight ago, was spotlighted to bring out the beautiful blend of diverse cultures that India is.

A medley of dances from different states that were performed by the students, was showcased next. Ms Asha, then, gave an enlightening speech on peace and unity in diversity, after which the thankyou note was delivered and the program concluded with the National Anthem. 

Thank you!

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