‘Language is the light of the mind.’

Ekya School, Byrathi celebrated Hindi Diwas on 12th September to commemorate the adoption of Hindi as one of the official languages of India. Hindi is a language that unites our nation with its rich linguistic diversity. It was adopted as one of the Nation’s official languages on the 14th of September 1949 on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Mr.  Beohar Rajendra Simha, a Hindi Stalwart who fought with great effort for making Hindi our country’s national language. 

The events organized included activities, competitions, and performances to educate and entertain children on the significance of the language to our nation. The event commenced with Ms. Diana sharing the history of the Hindi language followed by Ms. Richa Saxena who shared the importance of the same.

The students of Grade 1 were divided into two groups. Group 1 consisting of Esther, Myra, Naman, Nicole, Dhruv, and Rishika sang Aloo Kachaalo,  Chal mere ghode chal chal, Billi gayi Dilli, Haathi Raaja, Machali jal ki hai Rani, and Paani barsa cham cham cham respectively. These students used props such as hand puppets,  face masks, an umbrella and a potato during the recital.

The students of group 2 consisting of  Arjun, Emma, Jeremiah, Laxity, Mishika, Naina, Vidhyuth, Varshini, Varsha, and Prisha guessed the names of the objects shown in Hindi. They were shown items such as a watch, tomato, tamarind, car, mango, carrot, pen, scissors, watermelon, ring, egg, book, gift, toolbox, etc.

Grade 2 Students wore traditional clothes representing their respective states and shared interesting facts about the culture of their state in Hindi. Arav, Daniyal, and Tarika represented the State of Karnataka and shared facts such as the capital city, famous sweet, holiday destinations in the state, and the most popular aspects of the State which include Sandalwood, Mysore Pak, and Jasmine flower. Chris represented Uttarakhand’s culture and shared that Bal Mithai is the famous sweet from the state. Geetanjali wore the traditional attire of Andhra Pradesh and spoke about the dance form Kuchipudi. Siddi dressed up in Gujarat’s traditional attire and spoke about the Garba dance form. Shivang wore Goan attire and spoke about the beautiful landscape of the state.  The students spoke fluently in Hindi about the culture they were representing. 

Up next was an energetic game named Khel Paheliyon ka where students of Grade 3 were divided into 2 teams and given picture riddles to solve. It was an enthusiastic competitive performance as students were attempting to solve the riddles. Team 1 consisting of Advika, Avishai, Claire, and Drisha, and team 2 consisting of Kabir, Lisa, Veda, and Tejaswini took turns to solve the riddles in Hindi.  

Our student Prashanth from Grade 8 delivered a speech about author Munshi Premchand emphasizing his life, his journey towards becoming an author, and contribution to Hindi literature and the awards he has received. 

Grade 4 students presented the poster they had made on the chosen topic of Creating awareness about  Corona in their Apartments and in School. A team of students namely Kalyan, Myra, Rishabh, and Rian Gupta presented their thoughts on awareness in their Apartment which emphasized on sanitization measures, it’s importance, social distancing, and conveyed that staying home is the only way to stay safe. 

Kanish, Avni, Twisha, and Amy presented their thoughts which explained the measures to be taken once school re-opens. The need for gloves, masks, sanitizers, and tissues were emphasized and reminded their peers to sanitize their hands after having come into contact with any surface. It was a very effective and comprehensive presentation. 

The students of Grade 5 participated in Slogan writing using the Canva app on the topic ‘Corona Yodha’ translated as Corona Warriors, Aditi chose Policemen as her warriors expressing her gratitude by saying that the Police are available round the clock to ensure the safety of citizens, Anika chose to thank the Doctors for being lifesavers, Prarthana chose Chemists as her Corona Warriors and thanked them for providing medicine without a break while Talya created her slogan on Nurses and thanked them for their passion to serve.

Students of Grades 6 and 7 participated in a Hindi Extempore Competition. Students were given one minute and thirty seconds time, in which the first thirty seconds was for preparation and one minute was for the speech in Hindi. Prishetha of Grade 6 received a topic titled, ‘Lockdown Ke Samay Ki Meri Sabsi Priya Yaadien’ and shared that watching movies, preparing dishes, playing board games, and completing reading Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix will be some of the best memories she has created to cherish for a long time during this lockdown, While  Charvi from grade 6 received the topic ‘Mera Sabse Pasindida khana’ she shared that she likes ice cream the most and it is her favorite summer companion. 

Anshika from Grade 7 received a topic titled ‘Meri Pasindida Poshak’ and she spoke about how Jeans and a T-shirt are her favorite attire as they are the most comfortable. She also mentioned that she believes that one should wear what they like and they must be respected and acknowledged for who they are and not for what they wear. Dhanyata from the same grade received a topic titled ‘Mere bachpan ki sabse priya yaadien’ and shared three of her most favourite memories from childhood.  Hitha from the same grade received ‘Mera sabse priya mausam’ as her topic and said that she likes winter the most,  she enjoys winter mornings and relishes the spicy warm snacks during the time and spoke of the attire she wears during the season. 

The last event of the celebration was the rap song performance on ‘Online Classes’ by Porus of Grade 8. Students cheered and enjoyed the performance. The Head of School addressed the students about how Hindi is a familiar language throughout our country and read a poem signifying how Hindi unites people beyond cultural differences. Followed by the announcement of Winners of the Extempore competition. The first place went to Dhanyatha while the Second place was received by Prishetha and Third place was received by Hitha. 

 This multifariousness of Hindi day celebration came to an end by students dancing for the tunes of the song ‘Bum Bum Bole Masti me Dole’ from the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par.’  This was indeed a very meaningful way to celebrate Hindi Diwas through exhibiting the skills acquired in the language while having fun doing the same.  

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