‘Emotions are the language of the soul’

The students of Grade 4 planned a special assembly virtually for the students of Grade 1-8 on September 11th, 2020. The event was on the theme, ‘Emotions in the time of a pandemic’. The session commenced with a prayer song, ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and this was followed by a sharing of lockdown experiences ranging from playing board games with siblings to fighting with them, trying their hand at cooking to getting bored at home and feeling sad.

The students had compiled a video on the topic, ‘Things that I miss most about our school’. Students mentioned the different aspects of physical school that they missed, such as their friends, teachers, recess, the swimming pool, and reading time at the library.

The thought for the day, ‘Control your emotions or else they will control you’ was shared and explained briefly.

The session also included a new word that was shared from the Vocabulary building exercises posted on Book Nook and students of other grades were encouraged to build on their word power.

The news headlines were shared followed by the video of a short skit enacted and recorded earlier by the students of grade 4.

Students emphasized the need for gratitude and how it keeps us going at all times and demonstrated this by talking of good things and affirming their dear ones, such as parents, siblings and teachers.

The session highlight was the talent show in which a couple of students showcased their musical skills. The students played, ‘My heart will go on’ and ‘Believer’ on the keyboard.

The assembly concluded with a motivational video on the theme, ‘Determination and hardwork create success’ which was the life story of Colonel Sanders, the brain behind the world’s largest fast food chain KFC. 

The session came to an end with the National Anthem and an address by the Head of School encouraging students to stay safe at home, to spend quality time with their families, work hard in their online classes and most importantly to be positive, at all times!

It was a time of much insight on the attitude of gratitude and to count our blessings especially in an uncertain time such as this.

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