“The most incredible beauty and the most satisfying way of life come from affirming your own uniqueness.” 

Ekya School, Byrathi conducted a special assembly on 25, September 2020. The theme of the assembly was ‘This is Me!’ This theme was chosen to cater to the students about how each one is created to think, process and function in a unique fashion, and how Ekya as a platform for learning encourages students to be unique and works towards unraveling the same. 

The assembly began with an invocation song followed by Grade 5 students Prarthana and Anika sharing What it means to be Unique. They explained how two flowers are created with no same fragrance and how no two vegetables are created with the same type or amount of nutrients. The same way humans, even if they are twins living and experiencing the same life are still different from each other. Hence, it is very important to be authentic to oneself and enjoy being you, being unique and different. 

Thereafter students read unique news occurring around the world such as the discovery of Pi-Planet, 13- million-year-old fossil fuel in Uttarakhand, Chandrayaan, Venus having a potential sign of life beyond Earth, and the celebration of ‘National engineers Day.’ Post which Grade 6 student, Prisha shared ‘the thought for the day’ regarding the same theme. Next up was a poem recitation by the students of Grades 5 and 6. They recited a poem titled ‘All of me.’ The poem conveyed the importance of accepting the way we are and celebrating all of us, Both strengths and weaknesses.  

This was followed by a presentation of students, parents, and teachers sharing what inspires them to be who they are. Where students shared their unique skills such as practicing contortion, playing keyboard, drawing, baking, and fitness. The parents and teachers shared their skills in baking, painting, fitness, museum curation, and theatre art form.  It was indeed an inspiring and encouraging experience to watch each one of them share their abilities.

Up next was a presentation by Grade 6 Student, Prisheta which was titled ‘An Original Copy of You.’ This presentation reiterated the thought of being original and believing in yourself. How when we excel being our version it is not advisable to settle for a mediocre version of someone else.  Students then watched a video titled, “I am Human” which emphasized on the importance of embracing the unique and imperfect self of each one of us.  Soon after the presentation, the students were encouraged to share their stories of being unique. Where Students across the grades shared how helping nature, being kind and loving towards everyone, and painting is what makes them unique. 

The assembly was concluded by Ms. Shubra Sinha, the Head of school addressing the school. The speech insisted on identifying strengths and shortcomings in ourselves and embracing it. It also shared how it is wise to adapt skills and good habits from people around us rather than being disheartened by comparison of how we are not good enough or lacking. Finally, the school stood up in respect for the National Anthem. This was indeed an inspiring assembly that refilled the strength to embrace the unique and imperfect me! 

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