Show and Tell:

The topic addressed in this activity was ‘Healthy Food and Junk Food.’ Students brought in handmade posters to show a few examples of healthy and junk food which were hand-drawn/cut out of printouts and neatly labeled. Referring to their posters, they spoke about sources of healthy and junk food. Students also addressed facts like benefits of eating healthy food such as it gives us strong bones, energy to concentrate on studies, helps in fitness and keeps us energetic. Students also spoke about the health risks caused by consuming junk foods such as it would make bones weak, less energy, prone to health risks and obesity.


Gardening Activity;

Montessori students were informed to get a small clay pot of their choice. Ms. Ramya, the class teacher had arranged seeds of herbs which were planted during the session. The activity was held to focus on instigating connection with nature.

Vegetable Printing:

With the vision to introduce a basic printing technique, sections of bell pepper, onion, ladies finger and potatoes were given to students along with loads of red, yellow and magenta paints.Ms. Ramya, the Class teacher demonstrated the technique of printing using these vegetables. Interesting patterns were formed such as butterflies in a garden, flower garden, while the students energetically picked up their favorite vegetables to experiment printing.

Independence Day Celebrations:

To observe and celebrate Indian Independence Day for Montessori students, they were asked to come dressed up in tricolor attire. To make the event more memorable, parents were requested to send snacks in tricolor as well. Students indulged in interesting conversation, looking into each others snack box while the class teacher, Ms. Ramya explained the concept of tricolor and Ashoka Chakra in the National Flag of India.

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