The school year ends with Reading Week across all grades in the second week of February. This is meant to be a showcase of the reading achievements each student has made over the year and a celebration of the reading process. A range of reading and writing activities make up the week. Learning is made visible through the different student displays all over the school, and literary activities. A variety of fun activities planned across grades included Bookmarks, Picture Book Making, Story Cube, Acrostic Poems, Advertisement for a product with a jungle, Autobiography of a thing, Comic strip, Act it out and cover page to name a few.

Mystery Readers –

A surprise guest visits students to read out a story to them in their classrooms. Parents can volunteer themselves or recommend a grandparent, family friend, or neighbor to do the reading with students. They can read a book/a story they were particularly fond of as children themselves. In addition, they’ll answer questions from students on their favorite books how reading has helped them, and how they find time to read as adults.

Stop Drop Read – SDR

A daily SDR program gives students twenty minutes a day to drop everything they’re doing and read anything of their choice. When students have finished a book, they share their reflections with their teacher, thus receiving the support for further explorations. Students will choose from the books in the library. They’ll be allowed an additional 5 -10 minutes to maintain a reading log in which will reflect the students’ thoughts and feelings as they read the literature. 


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