An educational trip to Venkatappa Art Gallery was organized for the students of Grade 6 on 6th September 2019, to enrich and enhance the knowledge of children about art, architecture, and culture. 

A large array of artifacts, utility objects, weapons, musical instruments, classic paintings of K Venkatappa -the court painter of the Wodeyars, stone sculptures as well as pottery fascinated the students who could relate this to their classroom learning. The Sculptures were well-displayed dating back to 2nd Century A.D and references to the King of Mysore – Tipu Sultan, generated familiarity and interest among the students. It was indeed an enriching experience to all the students.

Students explored the paintings and specifically a painting which depicts Nature. Students wrote their experience and visualization on the board. They also observed many sculptures in the gallery. A sculpture with a museum label “procession of war”, and penned their observation of the visit.

Students also looked for the rock inscription connected to Ashoka The Great. It was a pleasure to see the students taking an interest in various facets of learning. Field trip to Venkatappa Art Gallery introduced our students to various type of art forms. Students  Adopted a comparative study of various artist, art-making skills, and response to diverse stimuli.

Students were encouraged to note their recordings which helps them to support and nurture the acquisition of skills and ideas.

By:  Ms. Parul – Class Teacher of Grade 6






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