Our trip to Lalbagh was a delight to all the first and second-grade children. As the second graders are learning the unit on ‘The Clean Air’, this trip was additional learning for students to observe nature and to learn about the importance of clean air. 
We reached the beautiful botanical garden of Lal Bagh around10 am.
The children were really happy to see the place filled with beautiful trees and lush green lawns. 
It was a good place for children to play and run around.
We also took a walk to the Bonsai park, Lotus pond, Lalbagh lake and to the Glasshouse, which conducts the flower show during the month of August.
Students enjoyed the trip and learnt the importance of nature and why it should be preserved. They also learned the importance of cleanliness and not to pollute their surroundings. By Lavanya Nair

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