Breakfast club is a weekly ritual as part of Ekya school’s virtual classes. It’s a great platform for teachers and students to meet casually over a morning drink or breakfast. Each club meeting has a theme and the theme for 27th June 2020 was “ Doodling one’s name.”

This blog captures experiences of 7B students who doodled away their names during the breakfast club on a cool Saturday morning!!

Mathangi (Class Teacher, 7B): ‘ Whaaat? I have never doodled”, popped up in my head first. Then another thought crossed my mind, “Every new art has its first time.” My children taught me how to doodle and I managed to finish the first doodle of my life!

Harshitha.G: I had never doodled before, but I had seen some doodles in books. That gave me some inspiration to doodle my name. I was very excited to doodle my name. This was a new and fun-filled experience. I enjoyed it a lot.

Rohit Igoor: I had never dedicated even a minute of my life to doodling. Once I got to know that our usual Saturday breakfast club had doodling, I was not sure how to doodle or what is doodling. Finally, when I came to this class, I loved doodling and I thank Mathangi Ma’am for arranging this!

Trisha Varagappa: I doodle every single day whenever I get time, but honestly, this was the first time I did it for my name. It was a wonderful first time!  

Prem Kumar: I had done doodling before. but I had never doodled my name, making this a unique fun-filled experience. I hope to do it again.

Ashrith B: Before this session, I had only seen doodling. I had never tried my hand at it. It was fun trying it out for the first time. I never expected doodling to be fun! I really enjoyed this session. I hope we do it again. 

Prissha Sarapalli: I love doodling. According to me, it reduces stress and calms the brain down. I was doodling my name along with music in the background (while listening to the teacher as well) and I really enjoyed it!

Harshul Jain: Doodling. The minute I hear that word, I start doodling; it feels like I have reached another world of ultimate freedom and peace. Doodling is what I do in my free time and I enjoy it. Doodling has become my passion since childhood.


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