At the mention of the word courage, our mind usually wanders to think about courageous acts and the notable people who’ve performed them or about heroic acts of rushing into a blazing building to save a stranger’s life, facing the enemy boldly at the border etc. Nothing wrong in defining and picturing courage in the aforesaid manner, just that this description makes us feel deprived of chances to display courage. We admire people who have braved out daring and tough situation. For us, we keep waiting for life to offer us situations where we can display all the courage that we’ve pooled and saved for such occasions, for, for us this all we have been taught about courage; movies glorify heroes putting their life at risk to save lives of innocent people, one man fighting twenty villainous people single handedly, unarmed.

But lately, when I think about courage, I’ve been thinking more about the random acts of courage that happen every day. The really ordinary ones. More ordinary than mustering the guts of confronting a dominating colleague. More ordinary than letting your only son enroll in the army. More ordinary then deciding to walk out of a detrimental relationship. More ordinary then getting involved in a extreme sport you’ve always been wanting to. I m talking about the acts of courage that we all of display randomly on a mundane day. The sort of courage that lets us step out and face the omnipresent, unpredictability and insecurity that the world has to offer .The sort of courage that guides us every day and believe it or not charts our destiny.

At times I feel strongly that God, if you are theist or universal intelligence, if you are an atheist call it whatever, has given us a tool to determine our destiny the tool called courage. For each action we take everyday contributes to our future to our destiny. So if we can let’s build our future with courage. Trust me we don’t have to we keep waiting for life to offer us situations where we can display courage and chisel our future. For it takes courage to get up in the morning .It takes courage to admit that you’ve not done your homework rather than giving a good looking excuse; “mam, I did my home work but forgot it on the table just next to the door”. It takes courage to accept your unpreparedness for test and poor score that you got rather than convincing your parents that it was surprise test and everyone did badly. For it takes courage to go and congratulate a friend whose scored more than you. It takes courage to stay glued to the study table and continue when others are enjoying and freaking out. It takes courage to say no when your friends are planning a prank and say that you are a baby who doesn’t have the guts to be a part of something so daring. It takes courage to follow the instruction of the teacher when everyone around says that you are trying to be teachers pet. It takes courage to be who you are. It takes courage to speak your mind. It takes courage to follow your passion and chase your dream. It takes courage to have scrapped knees but still stand up to a bully. It takes courage to say no in face of temptation at stay astute on the righteous path. It takes courage to practice one more problem of math and complete along home assignment when other resort to shortcuts. It takes courage to go extra mile and do quality work. It takes courage to say sorry. It takes courage to admit you are wrong rather than giving a smart justification. It takes courage at every step of life. It takes courage, and its these daily acts of courage that will determine the quality of your life at large. It’s these daily acts of courage that will take you towards the goal of your life or the absence of these random seemingly unimportant, not so glorious and unsung acts of courage that will take some where you do not want to go.

There are some daily things we all can be courageous about:

1. The Courage to Take Responsibility

2. The Courage to Live with Integrity

3. The Courage to Challenge circumstances

4. The Courage to Dream Bigger

5. The Courage to Be Who You Are

6. The Courage to Speak Up

7. The Courage to Step Boldly into Action

8. The Courage to Persevere

9. The Courage to Say No

10. The Courage to Open Your Heart Fully

11. The Courage to Let Go

12. The Courage to Be a Leader

“FIND YOUR COURAGE! Unleash Your Full Potential and Live the Life You Really Want”.

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