The students of Ekya Schools and CMR NPS had a fun-filled adventurous trip to the Western Ghats, Sahyadri Inheritance Camp in Kanha Village, Pune. The four days trip was an awesome experience by being with nature under the guidance of the able and competent instructors and learning the skill sets required to be working in groups.

The students flew to Mumbai and took a beautiful road journey to the campsite. Students were divided into three different groups- The Challengers, The Racers and The Aviators, each team with one teacher and the respective instructors for the entire trip.

The second day was a day for trekking starting right after a yummy breakfast and light snacks on the bus. Students trekked at 3580 ft high to Tikkona Fort appreciating every bend, path and nature on their way and understanding the history and architecture of the era. The excitement continued with Ziplining. Post lunch activities like Blind game helped to remember each other’s names, post-card making, forming the longest human line, autograph bingo and number game threw lots of challenges to the already stimulated brains.

The following day was even more beautiful start with filling our lungs with fresh air doing yoga and stretching. After breakfast, students had different games lined up like archery, rifle shooting, rock climbing, and Burma bridge. At night, there was a talent show and dance around the campfire.

A long eventful day ended with some entertainment. A talent show and dance around the campfire made us forget the tiredness of the day.

The last day was even more exciting with nature’s trail, followed by a photo shoot. A token of appreciation was given to five students who were identified as the most talented students in different ways.

The experience was new and venturesome for our students, here are a few notes from our students on their adventures journey to western ghats:

“The Pune trip was an exquisite experience given to us by the amazing team of five people; Sagar, Shardhul, Alaap, Nayantara, and Lakshita. The team was helpful, energetic, motivating and their hospitality was simply amazing. Our stay at Camp Water’s Edge was good on the whole. We were involved in a whole lot of activities, which included rappelling, Burma bridge, zip lining, rock climbing, etc. The Burma bridge is the longest in Maharashtra with an astonishing height of 210 feet! There was also a trampoline which was the main attraction for me and my friends. We went trekking to Tikona fort and learned a history lesson on the top of the hill. It was a different learning experience given by Shardhul Sir. The last at the camp was full of entertainment with a talent show and dance around the campfire. I would like to thank the teachers for being considerate and letting us have fun. I would like to thank our school for taking us to such a beautiful and serene place. The trip was worth it and I enjoyed each and every moment thoroughly. We would love to visit the same place again with the same team!”
Vijay, VIII

“It was a wonderful and memorable trip. We thank the trailblazers, the teachers and the Vice Principal for hosting it.”
-Shraddha, Ishaani, VII ‘B’


“The trip to Pune was great! I was awestruck by the scenery. It was extremely cold at night as well as day. It was a great experience overall and I truly enjoyed it.”
Divyansha, VI-‘B’

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