All of us have this desire to look cool and to be intelligent. We feel intelligence can be gathered through what we study and that’s the only way to gain intelligence. But in reality, intelligence is the ability to think on your feet, the ability to keep growing and to continue to be curious and alert. The key is in our mindset.

There are two kinds of mind-sets –

Fixed Mindset – where intelligence is static and

Growth Mindset – where intelligence is developing and learning continuously.

A fixed mindset leads to a desire to look smart and hence we unconsciously become rigid in our ways. We try and stick to the known path, avoid challenges and when faced with any challenge we tend to give up easily.

We do not like to put in too much effort as we fear failure. This may lead to us being hard on ourselves and developing perfectionism as a coping mechanism. We are unable to take in negative feedback and easily feel threatened by others’ success.

A growth mindset on the other hand leads to a desire to keep learning and hence we tend to look at life as a learning process. We are not scared to face challenges as it only teaches us how to approach life better thereby increasing our persistence and we become more resilient.

We see effort as an ingredient to our success and hence we do not shy away from putting in the effort required. This also opens our minds towards criticism as we get a valuable lesson from this as well. We are also able to feel happy for others’ success as they become an inspiration to achieve more!

As we can see, with a Growth mindset we can reach greater heights and also gain a sense of greater free will…..

The choice is yours.

-Anushree C N, Counsellor

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