Communicating positively with children is an aspect of parenting with which many parents struggle. A lot of parents share that their children do not listen to them, or do not follow through on rules and requests when they do listen. In these busy times, parents and children often don’t see each other for large parts of the day. When they do get to see each other, there is so much to get done that it often feels like there is very little time for open conversation. Instead, conversations revolve around what children should and should not be doing, what needs to get done for work or school and other logistical issues. In this situation, it is often difficult for parents to truly take the time to hear their children and truly respond to their needs. 

A common outcome of this accidental style of communication is that parents and children get out of the habit of really communicating openly and respectfully with one another. This can lead to feeling shut out of one another’s lives, or in not really feeling heard by the other person which can make real conversations difficult. 


At Ekya Schools and CMR K-12, we understand these struggles. To help you navigate these conversations as well as other parenting challenges, the team at Ekya Schools and CMR K-12 has put together an online course called Informed and Engaged. The course is on Powerschool and we publish a new module each month. Each module is differentiated by age group, as we understand that children of different ages have different needs. To find the course, please login to your child’s Powerschool account and click on the class titled “Informed and Engaged.”

The module we have put together on Communicating with Children emphasises the importance of communicating respectfully and honestly with children at all ages. The module explores themes such as allowing your child to have a voice, really taking an interest in their opinions, asking good questions and allowing them to take a certain amount of responsibility for making choices. These are discussed in age-appropriate ways for parents of children of different age groups. Apart from age-specific strategies, we have also curated reading material to help you with additional communication strategies. 

Open and respectful communication between parents and children sets the tone for the way the child will communicate with important people in their lives in the long term. We hope that you find this module useful in setting you on the path to healthy communication with your child. As you go through the module, do let us know your thoughts using the feedback form embedded within the module. 

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