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Holes by Louis Sachar – Book Review by Sameksha, Ekya BTM Layout

Holes by Louis Sachar – Book review Do you believe in curses or black magic? If you do, this is the best book for you to read on. It is a wonderfully written novel about Stanley Yelnats the fourth, the grandson...

/ July 7, 2018

Pencil Sketching by Arjun Varadh P.

Pencil sketching is one of the most up and coming forms of art nowadays. It is one of the most realistic and stunning forms of drawing. Art influences the mind and awakens the soul. It comforts the disturbed and disturbs...

/ July 6, 2018

DREAM BIG By Shreyaa Siddarth

Life has no meaning without ambitions and ambitions are nothing without dreams. Dreaming is the first step to success. Unless we dream, we have nothing to fulfil and nothing to live for. It is this belief of dreaming that wakes...

/ July 6, 2018