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#StudentBlogger@Ekya: My travels during the lock down to Gisa, Egypt

Yikes! A cobra! I must run, or its venom could kill me. Snakes are ‘venomous’ and should not be referred to as poisonous because we don’t eat them. The Egyptians worshipped them. All throughout Egypt, there were gods with a...

/ May 22, 2020

#StudentBlogger@EkyaBTMLayout: Akshita featured in ‘The Children’s Post’

Our student Akshita Samayamantri of Grade 4 Ekya BTM Layout was featured in two editions of children’s daily newspaper. ‘The Children’s Post’ (29th March and 31st March editions). Way to go, Akshita! Read her article below.  

/ April 11, 2020

Stars@EkyaJP Nagar – Nivaan Haluvaagilu secures International Rank 1 at Crest Science Olympiad

We are extremely proud to announce that our Montessori Senior student Nivaan Haluvaagilu has secured the International Rank 1 in the Science Olympiad in the recently conducted CREST Science Olympiad. The CREST Science Olympiad (CSO) is an international competitive exam...

/ March 9, 2020

Stars@Ekya: Rishikesh K M secures Rank 16 at the Clash of Pi competition

Clash of Pi is a global Inter-school online circuit that encourages skill development and excellence in mathematics. Hosted by piCirql Math, a Singapore-based mathematics ed-tech firm, Clash of Pi has attracted the world’s best schools to compete and benchmark themselves,...

/ March 3, 2020

Stars@Ekya:Bebras Challenge

Bebras is an international student Computational Thinking Challenge organised in over 40 countries and designed to get students, all over the world excited about computing. The challenge is a great way to learn about computational thinking and problem-solving skills. The...

/ February 19, 2020

Friendship by Maya Kubher

Friendship comes with love Under the sky above Friendship comes with sharing and to each other, we should be caring A friend is one, with whom we play and with whom we spend the day With them we go to...

/ December 9, 2019

Grade 6 students become historians at Venkatappa Art Gallery

Recently, my class went on a field trip to the Venkatappa art gallery on the 16th Oct 2019. There were many magnificent paintings, sculptures, statues and inscriptions. We were interested in making inferences on what we saw and making connections...

/ October 23, 2019

Open House at Ekya School BTM Layout.

 “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE GREAT TO START, BUT YOU HAVE TO START TO BE GREAT.” –ZIG ZIGLAR          Ekya encourages a child to learn out of their natural desires using the surroundings and environment and make them...

/ September 24, 2019

Visit to the State Central Library of Karnataka – Ekya School BTM Layout

The students of Grade 9, 10 and 11, had an excursion to the State Central Library, Bengaluru. This trip was a sudden surprise to the students who expected a regular day at school. The Seshadri Iyer memorial library, popularly known as State...

/ September 20, 2019

Winners of Ekya School ITPL at the Ekya School Byrathi Swim Meet

Ekya School Byrathi hosted its first Inter-School Swim Meet. Students from CMR National Public School, CMRNPUC ITPL and HRBR Layout, and all campuses of Ekya School participated in the Swim Meet. Swimmers excellently displayed their sportsmanship.  The winners from Ekya School...

/ September 17, 2019