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#ParentBlogger:Family time with Family Ties Program

In this virtual schooling, Ekya has newly come up with the family ties program every week. My family loves this activity as it involves hands-on experience, fun, exploring and learning activities. I eagerly wait every week for the family ties...

/ December 16, 2020

#InsideEkya: Why Saturday’s at Ekya are the best by Avyay Jayanth

Hey friends! I’m writing this blog to share a wonderful experience and one of the best periods or ‘fun Saturdays’ I have ever had. Surely you all have guessed by now it’s the one and only breakfast club. After a...

/ July 28, 2020

Pre-Primary Picture Talk @Ekya JP Nagar

Picture talk give the young readers confidence and allows them to talk about what they see on the picture. Apart from confidence, this kind of activity will improve their communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to read and understand...

/ December 3, 2019