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#HumansOfEkya: My First Experience of the Unprecedented Virtual Classroom Shift

  My first experience of the unprecedented virtual classroom shift was “That’s exciting”.To me, my first instinct was “That’s exciting!” A new experience to dive in as a teacher. My students will be welcomed at my home. They will be with...

/ July 28, 2020

#StudentBlogger: For me, it’s Ekya forever

  I joined Ekya 5 years back when I was 5 years old.  Now all of 10, when I look back I realize what wonderful years they have been. There were ups and downs but I think the ups outnumber the...

/ July 28, 2020

#StudentBlogger: Social Distancing-In My Animated Way

The idea behind making this movie was that the parents wanted the child to spend his time on something worth the screen time. This summer, all our holiday plans were canceled because of the dreaded coronavirus. But an advantage of...

/ July 19, 2020

#ParentBlogger: Actual school to virtual school! A paradigm shift in the education system

The events of the past few months due to the COVID crisis have changed the world in many ways. The education system also had to face its impact. Many forward-thinking institutions have started with virtual schooling.  My daughter Sunidhi is...

/ July 13, 2020

#TeacherBlogger: My role as a teacher- Change is Constant

Making it a part of themselves Every year we have workshops and sessions to prepare us for the new academic year and a lot of stress on following the child, setting routines, classroom management, and this is my 4th year...

/ July 10, 2020

#EkyaCommunityConnect- Together As One

The Community Connect Program was conceptualized and launched immediately post Covid-19 lockdown to support our students and their loved ones during a difficult period. Our dedicated staff worked around the clock to provide a plethora of activities to not only...

/ May 22, 2020

#StudentBlogger@EkyaBTMLayout: Akshita featured in ‘The Children’s Post’

Our student Akshita Samayamantri of Grade 4 Ekya BTM Layout was featured in two editions of children’s daily newspaper. ‘The Children’s Post’ (29th March and 31st March editions). Way to go, Akshita! Read her article below.  

/ April 11, 2020

#InsideEkya: Digital Learning in the Time of COVID-19

At Ekya Schools and CMR K-12, we have always believed in serving the needs of our students, and our teachers. During this unprecedented time of trying to keep teaching and learning during a global pandemic, our teachers, school leadership and...

/ March 28, 2020

Stars @Ekya BTM Layout-Kiaan Das,Dia K and Sarayu Gurajala

Kiaan Das of Grade 2A has won First place in 12.5 yards FreeStyle and 25 yards Backstroke, second place in 25 yards Free Style Swimming Competition held at WE and 3B Swim Gala Competition organized by the 3B swim school...

/ March 3, 2020

ServiceLearning@Ekya: Fundraiser @Ekya BTM

A Fundraiser in schools can teach the students a valuable lesson; that if they put their minds to something they achieve they will achieve it. The spirit of fundraising will be carried from one stage to another. The school fundraiser...

/ March 3, 2020