Swimming an important life skill everyone needs to learn whether as a child or in adulthood. For children learning to swim, it offers them a chance to become involved in a sport whether as an individual or as part of a team. They will learn the importance of practice, discipline, and teamwork which they can take with them throughout life and apply even in other situations. It is the only sport which will help us to save our life.

Fifteen students of Ekya School JP Nagar participated in the Inter-School Swim Meet which was conducted this month at Ekya School Byrathi. It was indeed a very successful event as 7 of our students bagged 16 medals under various categories.

Bhuvan Chandra Reddy, Hithanshu Dhandhania, Lakshitha Dandapani, Laksh E S, Manasi Aditya Kittur, Vijver Karthik Dandapani were the winners from Ekya School JP Nagar.

Way to go kids!

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