“This is the story of how it is to be one.

The story of how it is to be two.

This is an epitaph, an epitaph to love.”

We live in the 21st century, where if we see a man dressed up as Batman walking the streets as if it were a completely normal day, we wouldn’t react. But how would we react if we saw conjoined twins walking down the sidewalk? Would we react the same way as we did to the Batman guy, or would we point fingers and call them names?

The book ‘One’, written by Sarah Crossan, an award-winning author, talks about the lives of conjoined twins Tippi and Grace. They live in a family of five, with a younger sister named Dragon who lives in the shadow of her 16-year-old, not-so-normal sisters. Their father is a drunkard who eventually loses his job. Their mother works two jobs to run the house. This book shows how every single member of the family is affected by the twins.

When the twins find out that they will no longer be home-schooled, but will be going to the nearby private school, Hornbeacon High, they have no reaction. They feel that as conjoined twins, there are certain things that they just can’t do – like climbing a tree or making friends. Every assumption of their’s is proved wrong and they make two of the best friends anybody could ever have. Jon and Yasmeen were outcasts at school too. Yasmeen was suffering from HIV, contracted at birth from her mother. Jon, however, had a different problem. He was too normal for the people at Hornbeacon.

This book is written beautifully in verse. Other than that, it’s written in first-person by one of the twins, Grace. Also, the author does not show the twins as one. She identifies them as two separate and whole individuals. She depicts the reality not just in high schools, but also everywhere else where people can be downright mean and obnoxious. This book is a must read for everyone from ages 12 and above. I would give this book a 9 on 10.

– Jahnavi Rajesh, Grade IX, Ekya School JP Nagar

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