By Ahana Ghosh Roy

Grade 5, Ekya ITPL

Once upon a time when I was a rubber tree, I stood on the soil spreading my branches toward the sky. I always wished that I could be something new instead of a tree. 

One day, a group of men came and started slicing off my bark. I was writhing with pain. They took the latex that oozed out of my injured bark. It was painful for me but somewhere inside, I believed that destiny was going to turn me into something good, something beautiful, something Big…..

 I was taken into a factory where they did long processes on me and turned me into something new. I was changed into a rectangular, flexible green-colored stuff. That’s right! 

  An Eraser!   

A truck driver then came and took me in a neatly packed box. I was really excited about where I was going. Once I reached the shop I was supposed to be delivered to. The shop keeper took me and kept me in a deep, dark storage room. A few days later the shopkeeper took me and kept me outside with other erasers. They soon became my best friends. Even though I still wanted to be taken by someone so I could see the Life Of A True Eraser.

A week later a little girl named Lucie Came with her father to buy an eraser. She saw me and immediately told her father that she wanted to buy me. She put me in a nice bag and took me home. The next day she put me in her pencil pouch and took me to her school. She showed me to all her friends. And was really proud of me. 

One day, a bully in Lucie’s class told her “What good is your eraser. It’s just a boring green eraser. Look at mine It’s so bright and colorful”. I felt really bad. But when Lucie supported me, I brightened up and started doing my work very diligently. One by one, I started erasing Lucie’s mistakes. I helped her correct her spelling, grammar, etc.

Slowly and ever so slowly, I found myself diminishing and before I knew it I disappeared leaving behind only a trail of dust. 

By Ahana Ghosh Roy

Grade 5, Ekya ITPL

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