The Atelier is a unique feature of the Ekya Early Years program. The Atelier space helps students learn through experiences designed around the natural world. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia, The Atelier is a place of research, invention, and empathy, expressed in many unique ways. Students engage and explore materials that address multiple cognitive skills like memory, concentration, attention and problem-solving skills. The materials include natural and recyclable materials and miniature objects that are a result of the child’s imagination. Students engage in cooperative games that help them engage socially in conversation with their peers. Teachers facilitate and engage the students with meaningful conversations while at the atelier space.

With a dedicated space, our Atelier has many materials such as chalkboards, puzzles, sand trays and other unique manipulate materials that help children to experiment, explore, investigate and learn. This ‘Wonderland’ provides an opportunity for the kids to be themselves and work on things that they want, kindling their creativity and scientific thinking. 

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