The Art of Pencil

Penned by Ms. Sribaghya, English Teacher at Ekya School BTM Layout, The Art of Pencil takes a step back and looks into the perspective of a pencil and its role of creating the art around us.

Somehow writing with a pencil
seems beautiful even without a stencil.
How do you know this absolute?
It may be, the cause of our primary teacher’s put!

“Oh! What a wonderful handwriting!”-
Applauded the gathering,
The boy won the credit while
the object maintained distance a bit!

Isn’t it beautiful to see lead inside
a beautiful wooden carving?
Why are only the exhibited
materials shown a craving?

I personally wonder and am
inspired by the person who created this thing.
For he/she is such a creator
who gave us an opportunity to write
and make it fun-filling.

It may be of different brands,
it may be of different range but
one quality that does not differ,
is the style that occur!

I’m very much enraged
with the thought
that you are not
awed by a lot.

You get sharpened on
each time of blunt
by the possessor, yet you don’t
squeal, wail or grunt.

Hey, selfless creature!
Do you not regret becoming
smaller and smaller each time
of the day arising?

Written by:-
Sribaghya S
Teacher, Ekya School BTM Layout


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