With India providing various curricula, choosing the one suitable for a child’s learning becomes challenging. Since the world around us is technology-led, henceforth fast-paced, it has become of utmost importance to provide the best education to children that is flexible, relevant and changes with the industry needs. Children ought to think independently, stay inquisitive and become lifelong learners. Bengaluru, the hub for top education institutions, is home to all the curriculum types the Indian Board of Education accepts. The city homes

  1. State board syllabus prescribed by the Government of Karnataka
  2. CBSE board syllabus
  3. ICSE syllabus
  4. IGCSE syllabus

Each curriculum has varied learning outcomes. For example, the state board and CBSE curriculum help students crack CUET (Common University Entrance Test) within India. In comparison, the IGCSE and ICSE curriculum aims to push past the entrance tests within India and prepare learners for the challenges abroad. Therefore most of the parents prefer the international-focused syllabi IGCSE and ICSE. The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum recognised by Cambridge University is experiential learning, where a wide range of topics help them build a solid foundation. 

What is the Cambridge board of Syllabus or the IGCSE curriculum?

The Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certification of Secondary Education) curriculum is an internationally recognised program which prepares students to become lifelong learners by helping them develop informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. The program was founded in 1858 by Cambridge University to raise educational standards through experiential learning and qualitative evaluation methods. The board offers a wide range of core, primary and supplementary subjects for a child’s holistic and developmental education. The topics offered are balanced and flexible and provide an international perspective. Students become problem identifiers and creative solvers with A-one presentation abilities and communication skills. 

Presence of Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in India:

In 1988, the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum was introduced in India, and today, it has become the most sought-after curriculum. More than 10,000 countries across 160 countries provide an IGCSE learning program, while India alone has close to 500 schools offering it.  

Why parents choose Cambridge IGCSE curriculum:

Here are a few reasons why:

  • The flexibility offered by the curriculum provides a dynamic range of subjects to choose from. A student pursuing a science and maths major can opt for history or music subjects. The students will be open to a vast opportunity to major during their college days.
  • The Cambridge syllabus helps prepare students for the IELTS exam and other entrance tests to study abroad.
  • The approach adopted by the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum provides an insight into a multitude of subjects, thus helping students discover new interests and skills.
  • Students can choose from over 70 subjects at the IGCSE and A-level based on their interests and career goals. The wide range of tabs under which the subjects are offered are:
  1. Languages (French/Hindi)
  2. Sciences
  3. Creative, Technical and Vocational
  4. Mathematics
  5. Humanities and Social Sciences
  6. English 

The school must provide comprehensive and robust college and career guidance sessions for students to fully utilise the skills and knowledge of the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum at Ekya:

Ekya, one of the best IGCSE schools in Bengaluru, offers the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum at JP Nagar and Byrathi for Grades 8, 9 and 10. We at Ekya follow an in-house curriculum for pre-primary to middle school students that help senior school students accustomed to the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Our teaching methodology helps our children develop crucial educational skills, including knowledge recap, oral skills, problem-solving, collaborative work and investigative skills. 

At Ekya, education is not restricted to a child’s academic growth alone, but it is about empowering them to become future leaders who are learners, thinkers, doers and changemakers. We aim to encourage them to become lifelong learners. 

For 14–16-year-old students choosing the IGCSE curriculum, Ekya offers the following subjects:

Group I: Languages (choose two from this group)
First language -English
Second Language- Hindi
Foreign/Third Language – French

Group II: Humanities and Social Sciences

Group III: Sciences

Group IV: Mathematics
Mathematics – Extended

Group V: Creative, Technical and Vocational
Computer Science – Extended


IGCSE curriculum at Ekya:

Ekya, one of the best IGCSE schools, focuses on building a community of learners who teach what to learn and how to learn. The science behind how to learn helps our students to master any academic curriculum. We at Ekya, one of the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore, provide training on how to learn through different teaching methods, like learning through experiences and storytelling. We prepare our children to become responsible citizens through regular assessments and implementation of all the learning they gain in classrooms in the outside world. Our Service Learning Program helps our kids consider themselves a part of the community and improve their civic engagement skills. 

The IGCSE’s world-class curriculum is simplified by integrating unique training methods, including classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, and assessments that help students apply what they’ve learned in the real world. The classroom training includes educators using playful methods such as interactive games and storytelling to allow students to grasp concepts rather than memorise them. The extracurricular and after-school activities in clubs, sports, outbound learning, and more give them adequate exposure to bring out their individuality and team player persona. 


If you are a parent looking for the child’s overall growth, then IGCSE at Ekya Schools is the most suitable option. At Ekya, students are a part of a stimulating and caring learning community that helps them realise their potential. The internationally accepted Cambridge IGCSE syllabus will significantly assist your children wanting to study or work abroad as they open up vast career prospects. 

Parents and children are welcome to attend Ekya Schools‘ open house events to learn more about our learning methodology and get a first-hand experience of our safe and stimulating environment. Being one of the best schools in electronic city, we offer counselling and guidance for parents looking forward to enrolling their children in the IGCSE curriculum.

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