Ms. Roopa Roy is the parent of Ruan, student of Grade 4 at Ekya School BTM Layout. Ms. Roy is impressed by the morning ritual of ‘Affirmations’ at Ekya Schools and shares with us this interesting blog where she talks about how ‘Affirmations’ are important to inculcate a sense of being, a sense of worthiness and achievement among the children. She also emphasizes that Affirmations can be a good way to introduce children to the feeling of empathy. Read on to know how Affirmations can be a way of life.

Affirmations….A way of life

Some days are sunny, some days it rains cats and dogs, on some, it’s nippy or biting cold. So also are our temperament fluctuations dancing to life’s tunes. Life is a roller coaster of surprises aplenty – wonderful, beautiful, memorable, not so memorable, nasty, devastating or life-changing. Alas! One never knows. Life ends where hope ends, or simply put life begins where hope begins. Small trickles of light in the soul that can upend dimensions, move mountains and changes destinies…what could be behind it all?


Would you agree? A small repetitive positive nudge that can make a difference with a large impact. I was pleasantly surprised to find “Affirmation” being introduced as a morning ritual at Ekya this term. What a splendid way to begin the day! A positive outlook is probably always half the battle won. Children have their own unspoken, mind-boggling fears that can build over time. Adults have evolved with their share that they carry around as extra baggage all the time. Most of it with years of layering and seasoning. Hence to inculcate a sense of being, a sense of worthiness and achievement over small hiccups is a big step in hand holding the child to overcome.

To be able to be affirmative of oneself or of other beings around is the beginning of a larger, more complex process of empathy.
Globally we stand marginalized or compartmentalized over race, color, class, practice and so much more which acts as a catalyst to a small part of the brain, demotivating and doubting oneself and one’s capabilities. Ergo carving a downhill graph. The affirmation can reverse this process magically by working on our emotional intelligence. Most times it needs to come from within, at times from peers, parents or teachers, or yet at times from a soul or face unknown. It takes courage and resilience to spark that fire and keep it going. But it surely does a world of good!

In her book ‘Becoming” Michelle Obama, the first Afro American First Lady of the US (2008-2016), unfurls hers journey from childhood to the completion of her tenure in office. She describes her moments of strength and weakness or doubt. A well-read woman with two Ivy League degrees, a career starts with a plum job as an attorney at one of the most prestigious law firms, a few more senior roles in civic organizations and yet affronted by doubt at various junctures of life of whether she was “good enough.” That’s how human each one of us is. What struck a chord, is her role in essaying, emphasizing and encouraging affirmation in young minds with an underlying message of “You Belong, You Matter, I think highly of You!”

It is indeed brilliant to have the same technique being rendered and taught to our little ones. The universe’s language is Affirmation! Ancient texts and scriptures describe its virtues, and since our children are a reflection of us, let us begin our journey of affirmation of self, of them and those around us. Let’s take them along to believe in themselves and pass it on to generations to come.

A brief profile of Ms. Roopa Roy:

Ms. Roopa Roy, an Architect by profession is the Founder and CEO of Sthapati Kalp. She has been felicitated by the Arch Bishop of Bangalore for contribution in the field of design. The works of Ms. Roy have been published in several Pan India magazines and newspapers and she has been called to present papers on different platforms. Ms. Roopa’s hobbies are painting, dancing, reading, writing and traveling. She has been a keen car rallyist, with KMSC and INRC records.

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