Month: January 2022

#StudentBlogger: After Hundred Days of Rain By, Prajwal Hegde Grade 6A, Ekya ITPL

After hundred days of rain, Come the sunshine of hope. Finally, something to gain, Now there’s no need to mope. After hundred days of rain, The sunshine dries the ground. Though water had filled the drain, The sunshine was finally...

/ January 12, 2022

#StudentBlogger: A Call From The Wild By, Arundhati Anand Grade 8B, Ekya ITPL

Have you ever seen a cheetah running in the forest? With a top speed of 60 miles per hour, it can catch any of its prey. While they may seem to have such a huge advantage you may expect them...

/ January 12, 2022

#StudentBlogger: Life of a Multi-Functional Tool-‘Belan’ By, Prisha Grade 8B, Ekya ITPL

Hello and welcome into the stationery world of Moti, the belan! Yep, I’m a rolling pin! Now, have you ever given it a thought – what are the different ways we use belans in our lives? No? Well, I’ve recently...

/ January 12, 2022