Month: August 2020

#ParentBlogger: What we feel about online classes!

I feel very happy today that I made the right decision to enroll my daughter Drisha NC in Ekya schools. Drisha has been with the current institution (CMR) for the last 5 years and with Ekya schools for 3 years...

/ August 18, 2020

#TeacherBlogger: Teaching children to manage resources

In today’s world, when most kids’ wishes are fulfilled by their parents in the nick of time, it makes me ponder on the rapid age of materialism that we are moving into. Some of our parents also brought us up...

/ August 18, 2020

#TeacherBlogger: Encouraging self-learning habits in students

As a teacher, I have been trying to understand why children are sometimes unable to focus on a class? Why do they sometimes come up with excuses for failing to complete an assignment on time? Why are these children unable...

/ August 14, 2020

#StarsofEkya – Isshaan Arun wins Gold at GO CHECKMATE – Singapore, Online Chess Competition

Isshaan Arun of Grade 1 B in Ekya JP Nagar campus, has won the first prize in the Online Chess tournament held on Sunday 26/07/2020 by chess school GO CHECKMATE – Singapore. They conducted their 12th GCCA Online Rapid Chess...

/ August 10, 2020

#PoetsAtEkya: What a highway thinks about Coronavirus?

By Prisha Kanoria Grade 4B, Ekya JP Nagar

/ August 10, 2020

#TeacherBlogger: Passion vs Experience: What makes a good educator?

In any field of study, there is always the need for interest, zeal, and motivation. That’s what keeps the thirst for knowledge moving forward. As educators ourselves, we are challenged with the task of sprinkling the dust of curiosity onto...

/ August 10, 2020

#ParentWorkshop: Storytelling with puppets by Ms. Swati Kakodkar

Puppets are a great way to not only engage and entertain but also to convey values and teach life skills. The students of Ekya experienced an energetic and fun-filled session of “Storytelling with puppets” with  Ms.Swati Kakodkar, Founder & Storyteller...

/ August 7, 2020

#ParentBlogger: How we have adapted to a more inclusive and collaborative parenting style!

Life during the Coronavirus pandemic has induced a family cocoon. We as parents have adapted to this new change as a more inclusive, collaborative parenting style. This style helped me take into account my son’s voice, commensurate with his developmental stage,...

/ August 7, 2020