At Ekya, school clubs are for the students, of the students and by the students  with guidance from teachers and mentors. Each club carries has its own dedicated objective and provides students with opportunities to identify and nurture their unique talents.


‘Rangmanch’- Hindi Theatre Club
The aim of this Hindi theatre club is to teach students script writing, acting, dialogue delivery and theatre appreciation in different genres.


Junior Master Chefs of Ekya ITPL
The aim of this club is to enable students to make tasty, delicious, healthy and nutritious food. In the process, students are also exposed to the knowledge of nutrition, the importance of presentation and the role of nutritious food in leading a healthy life. They also get hands-on with recipes, learning to prepare dishes – with or without the requirement of cooking.


‘Bioscope’ – Film Appreciation & Review Club    
The objective of Bioscope is to promote film appreciation and enable students to identify classic movies and the variety of genre. It teaches students how to scrutinize the art of film, introduces them to different cultural influences and helps them familiarize with the extensive vocabulary used in the field. It trains them to review and critique the film, also encouraging them to appreciate the aesthetics of the art.


ICT Club
ICT or Information and Communication Technology Club aims to nurture creative and programming skills in students, helping them sharpen their research and presentation skills. The club also aims to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in a school environment. It helps students improve their design capabilities and their skills with communication and information technology. It encourages members to appreciate the role of Information and Communication in today’s world. Students are introduced to website building and design among other activities.


Brain Benders Club
A club for students who love to solve puzzles, the objective of Brain Benders is to provide a platform where children can hone their logical and analytical reasoning. These include activities like:

– puzzles on sequences, patterns, mirror images, and water images
– coding and decoding of cryptograms
– logical Venn diagrams
– tangrams
– memory games


Editorial Club
The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. In addition to driving the schools’ Editorial board, the club focuses on honing the literary skills of students. It inspires students to develop a taste for literature and also work in the direction of enhancing the students’ spoken and written language. The club hosts a variety of activities with the aim to build up the confidence and groom the schools’ talents for interpersonal activities and competitions.


Debate Club
The club’s aim is to develop the debating skills of students, enabling members to work on their oration and ability to make effective argument. In addition to this, the club encourages students who want to improve the communication skills and stage presence. It provides a forum for keen debaters to practice and share their feedback. The club members work in tandem to analyse and dissect topics of discussion, select and evaluate evidences, construct and refute arguments.


Dance Club
The club serves as a platform for members to explore different dance forms and prepares them for inter and intra school competitions. Dance classes are organized to nurture the school’s dancing talent.


School Choir
Chorus or choir is usually understood to imply more than one singer per part, in contrast to the quartet of soloists also featured in these works. Choir Club is a performing group that promotes teamwork, gives a sense of belonging, raises school spirit, and is fun! Students are given the opportunity to apply concepts learned in their vocal music class. The chorus meets weekly to prepare for special events.


Basketball/Throwball/Football Club
The club provides athletes with high-level technical skills training in a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth and development and a passion for the game. Each student is given feedback and tools to help them improve as an athlete and person every day.


Visual Art (VA) Club
Focussed on both art and craft, the Visual Arts Club aims to improve the bilateral coordination, fine-motor skills, self-regulation, and self-esteem of students, by introducing them to a variety of activities that involve making things with one’s own hands. These are

– Watercolour painting
– 3-D paper quilling
– Ceramic nameplate
– Madhubani painting