At Ekya, we believe that real-life experiences enrich classroom learning.

    Within the school schedule, Ekya plans outbound programs that include field trips, picnics, and educational tours. Our outbound programs are listed below:

    Field Trip to Freedom Park

    On 20th February 2020 students of Ekya Byrathi visited Freedom Park in Bangalore as a part of study exposure. As a site of commemoration that materially enshrined the democratic values of reconciliation and freedom, the central jail of Bangalore has been revamped and reformed as a park. From Montessori to Grade-7 students were taken on a tour of the place where they observed the amphitheatre, where the prisoners used to perform, ‘jail cells’ for various layers of crime, the hospital which used to treat the inmates, the watchtower, the parallel walls for movement of the prisoners.

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    Learning about the Indian Army at MEG

    Students of Ekya Schools had an opportunity to visit Madras Engineering Group (MEG), an engineer group of the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army. With the motto Sarvatra (Sanskrit: Everywhere) MEG holds a strong history of service to the nation. Our students and teachers who were awestruck by the environment of MEG that was brimming with discipline and patriotism have penned down their experience, detailing the surrounding, culture, gallery, and displays at MEG.

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    Educational Tour to Imphal

    The recent school trip of our senior students to Imphal (Manipur) was edifying and gave a whole new learning experience. The collaboration with students from D.M College of Sciences on Foldscope project was a great initiative for value sharing of knowledge with other high school students. They presented an open-minded attitude and were wholly receptive to upcoming research and new forms of learning. Click here for an account of the entire experience by our senior students


    It Began with the Sun

    Students visit the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium as part of the Grade 5 curriculum to learn about the Sun and the Solar System. This two day experience will also feature a study on the various constellations and includes a presentation, a quiz and a round of Q & A.


    Medieval South India – Nandi Village

    Curated to compliment the Grade 6 Social Science curriculum, this trip highlights the medieval history of Karnataka. Students visit the Bhoganandishwara temple in Nandi Village, built under royal patronage of several prominent South Indian kingdoms such as Cholas, Hoysalas and Vijayangara. With this, students take a look at the social, political and cultural aspects of Medieval India.


    My City, My Heritage – Namma Bengaluru

    This tour covers history of Bengaluru from period 800 CE to 1800 CE. Our students explore the origins of the city, battles and historical events that helped shape it. They find answers to questions on the city’s past – What were the architectural influences of early Bengaluru? What construction materials and tools were used in 18th century Bengaluru? Children visit the Bangalore Fort and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and get to keep a copy of the oldest map of Bengaluru as a souvenir. They get to study maps, paintings, relief sculptures and architecture of these monuments as we revisit history.


    Farm to Table (Thota to Oota)

    This farm visit is curated to help our students connect with nature and understand the importance of natural farming. Spread over 10 acres, this dairy focused farm houses only the A2 type cow species – Gir, Hallikar and Malnad. Students will get a hands-on understanding of six areas of the farm – Vegetables, Horticulture, A2 Cows, Bee Keeping, Vermicomposting, Biogas and Natural cycles for fodder. In addition to this there is a planting activity where children will get an opportunity to try their hand at gardening.


    Birds around Bangalore

    ‘Birds around Bangalore’ is an outdoors experience that takes place by Nandi Hills with the aim of helping our students learn more about the birds found in Bangalore. Led by naturalists with years of experience in Wildlife Conservation and Sanctuary tours, our students will be taught how to identify different birds and observe their behaviour. A Question and Answer session will also be arranged where children can engage with the experts.


    Janapada Loka – Cultural Heritage

    Through this visit, our students are introduced to the concept of heritage and its importance. They get to experience how people lived before the advent of technology, how human ingenuity has helped with mankind’s progress and thus bring a sense of appreciation for the arts. Students visit 3 museums within the Janapada Loka campus led by experts on Karnataka’s cultural heritage. Here, they get a glimpse of the different regional dance forms, musical instruments and games. They are also shown common agricultural practices and techniques from professions like pottery, oil milling and blacksmiths. An audio-visual show is arranged that explains the different art forms from the state. A live show is organized for the students by tribal performers.


    In 2015, students went on a 3-day trip to Hampi to learn about the history and archeological significance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students engaged in mock excavations and interactions with professors from the Hampi University.

    As part of 2014 educational tour, the senior students of Ekya visited the Kennedy Space Center, NASA; the United States Space and Rocket Centre in Huntsville, Alabama; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, and Harvard University. They also attended a workshop at Broadway Theater. During other field trips, students have visited ISRO, HAL Aerospace, Paramount Biscuit Factory, the local post office, fire station, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Good Bread Factory, Butterfly park, and the Rainwater Harvest theme park.