A safe and stimulating learning environment.

The Ekya School Byrathi campus is a safe and stimulating learning environment where every individual is valued and can flourish. Spread over two and a half acres, the school is built, with light and ventilation being the key elements of the campus.

Here are the salient features of Ekya Byrathi:


  • National level basketball court
  • Throwball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Badminton court
  • Two Cricket practice nets
  • Dedicated Skating rink
  • Athletic tracks of 100m x 04 with sandbed
  • Indoor sports room with table tennis, chess and carom
  • Swimming Pool area of 7.20m x 20.00m, with a shallow pool area of 4.50m x 7.50m.


  • 400-seater auditorium/multipurpose hall with a stage area
  • 125-seater amphitheatre that will hosts our special annual days and sports events
  • Two 60-seater Audio Visual rooms
  • Well laid out exhibition space at ground level for arts and science.
  • Sandpit area
  • Large visual arts room that spreads across the exhibition space and amphitheatre
  • Separate pre-primary play area for Montessori and Kindergarten
  • Gardening area

Learning Environment

  • Well-lit, spacious Montessori environments equipped with appropriately sized toilets for boys and girls. Every environment contains designated areas for reading, math, puppetry and role play
  • Naturally lit and well-ventilated classrooms with large windows. Every classroom will contain an in-class library and comfortable and flexible seating
  • Separate entrance for pre-primary section
  • Digital School Library across 2500 sq.ft
  • Three well-equipped science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The labs adhere to all safety precautions and contain eye wash area, fume chamber and student goggles
  • ICT labs with computers with internet connection
  • Social studies lab with maps and materials
  • Large pin-up boards that showcase current and visible learning in every classroom; Word walls, math wall, sight words, calendar, social contract and birthday boards


  • Teachers’ Resource Centre and Staff rooms
  • Parent-Teacher meeting rooms
  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring facility
  • School infirmary with first aid kit and resting area
  • Well maintained and separate staff, boys and girls toilets on every floor.



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