At Ekya, we are constantly striving to deliver best of education to our community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. Our efforts are well appreciated by our students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on our school, curriculum and teaching methodologies.


Sriram Durai
Parent of Navya Sriram, Montessori Senior

"I had the opportunity to observe the work of my kid from close quarters during the recently concluded observation window and I have a few points to mention the phenomenal work that has been put by the entire teaching community of Ekya School BTM to make learning such a wonderful experience for the kids. The teaching community in Ekya has always been warm, and we were given a sense of confidence and comfort with their standard and modes of teaching.

We are fortunate to provide the best possible educational environment for our kids, and we thank the leadership and teaching community of Ekya School BTM Layout for their splendid efforts in making learning such a great experience with fun."

Madhavi Gounder
Parent of Anya Gounder Grade 4, Ashvik and Adhvik, K2

"It’s been only 3 months and my boys who are in UKG at Ekya School BTM Layout have learned so much. I am amazed at their numbering and word building ability. There has been a lot of progress in their writing as well. I am very proud that my boys are able to imagine and do a count. Numbers and word formation are always running in their mind, and their interest in reading has also increased.

I take this opportunity to convey my regards and thank everyone at Ekya who have supported us through last year. My kids had a big transition from the USA to India and school eased them off completely."

Dr. Sejal Kaneria
Parent of Siddharth Kaneria, Grade 10

"I want to especially like to thank Ms. Deepa Rani and her team to make registration of Siddharth possible with CBSE board. When all other schools of Bangalore did not agree to support us, Ekya was the only school which stood by us and gave us hope. I thank the administrators and the management of the school from the bottom of my heart. I express my gratitude to every one of them. Also my special thanks to Asha ma'am, Jayshree, Prerita and Asmita for helping us deal with our anxiety and being patient with us."

Chaithanya Patil
Parent of Shriya Nayak, Grade2

"Ms. Deepa Rani -The Head of School is a good Team Leader as well as a good support to the team. Each and every activity that is carried out in school has some meaning and a positive attitude which makes us be a part of it and never miss any of the events.

Parents Harmony Day, The Independence Day, and The Learning Showcase it was well planned and exhibited to us. Short and Sweet I would say. Hope the same enthusiasm remains in each and everyone and takes this School as well as the children to greater heights."

Mr. Ramanan
Parent of Ekya Early Years student

"We attended Abhinav’s observation and met with his teachers. It was an absolute delight to see the teaching techniques employed at Ekya – innovative and the involvement of teachers, exemplary! As a son of a teacher myself, I’ve seen the level of pedagogy at Ekya and I must laud the effort they put towards imparting education."

Jalpa Pandya
Parent of Ekya BTM student

"Just the first year in Ekya BTM for my daughter, and I see a very independent and confident thinker as well as a writer in her. She has improvised her communication skills and developed a creative way of problem-solving. At BTM I am extremely happy with the school and the staff, teachers work hard and take complete responsibility of teaching them everything at school. No homework and no revision needed."

Ms. Pooja
Parent of Grade 3 Ekya student

"The attention paid to each student is top-notch; the children have loving and understanding teachers. They organize weekly activities, both academics and extracurricular, that brings out togetherness and teamwork among the children. My daughter looks forward to school; such is the environment and culture they’ve built around them."

Pradeep K S
Parent of Surabhi, Grade IX

"Thank you and your team at BTM Ekya for hosting such a wonderful event (Annual day function). It was a splendid effort by Ekya BTM management to put up such a grand show and I am sure it required a lot of management skills, time and hell lot of patience to execute it. We thoroughly enjoyed my daughter Surabhi performance and also it was great to see those innocent ones dancing and enjoying in their own world. The stage and all the arrangements were really good. Most exciting moment was when the team recognized and announced surprising gift for two of the parents who joined their hands and lend their support.

Totally it was a splendid event accomplished and kudos to you and your entire team at BTM Ekya. Great Job...Well executed!"

Anaheeta Sidhwa
Director, Oracle India

"It was a great experience witnessing the Annual Day functions of pre-primary and primary. The theme selected was indeed thought provoking, informative and meaningful. Glad to see such ideas and tradition being inculcated among our children.

Even for pre-primary, it was a wonderful way to teach children about the various festivals celebrated across our country.

Look forward to more of such events."

Dr. Sowmya Kaimal
Parent of Shaurya Sujit Kumar (Subjunior, Mont C)

"The theme (Festivals of India) for this year's Annual day was well chosen - something that was educational and relatable for the children, while at the same time lending itself to vibrant colours, costumes and music on stage. It was evident that both children and teachers have gone to great lengths to make the event a success. Timing and organisation was on point too. A big pat on the back for Ekya BTM! "

Capt Chandan & Nisha
Parent of Kiaan 1A & Kiara 1B

"Congratulations for putting up such a splendid show -NAVARASA on the 8th of Feb 2019.

It was a proud moment for us to see our twins (Kiaan 1A & Kiara 1B) performing on the stage.

It was wonderful to watch each and every child perform with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Successful event of such nature is not possible without serious efforts by the teachers. We want to thank the entire team of teachers and support staff for giving us such a fabulous experience of NAVARASA

Our best wishes for continuous successful journey of the school under your supervision."

Anjali Venu Menon

"Thank you dear teachers and students for putting up such a lovely was a great evening indeed.

The efforts put in by all the teaching and non-teaching staff was amply evident and it was touching to see the beautiful bond shared by the kids with their respective teachers.

The 'behind the scenes' compilation was a great initiative.... all in all a great show by every single member of the Ekya BTM fraternity."

Sneha and Ashish

"My husband and I would like to congratulate you and all the teachers of Ekya BTM for putting up a wonderful show for the annual day. The combined efforts of the teachers and the children were obvious in the final presentation. The past couple of months of rigorous practice was obvious in the neat execution of the entire program. (Being a dance teacher myself, I can completely understand the hard work and thoughtfulness that goes behind such a grand scale event.)
It was completely enjoyed and appreciated. What I like the most about all the cultural activities at Ekya is that it is devoid of any Bollywood/film influences. I hope this continues. Bringing out the teachers along with all the participants was yet another kind gesture.
Kudos to everyone who was involved in putting up a great show and a heartfelt gratitude to every one of them. Congratulations once again! And keep up the good work"


Madhavi Gounder
Parent of Anya Gounder (Grade 4), Ashvik and Adhvik (K2A)

"I write this appreciation letter, addressing Ms. Anupama Mam.
It’s been. Only 3 months , my boys are into UKG and they have learnt so much .
I am amazed at their numbering ability and sight words and I see there has been lot of progress in their writing as well.

I am very proud my boys are able to imagine and do count always, numbers running in their brain and word formation, and their interest in taking books and reading.

I have never doubted the schools abilities though , lot of them shared their unhappiness (at times) but for me being in India, one thing am proud of , have given my kids good balance of academics and social skills, which was very important.

I am only addressing Anupama Mam, but I take this opportunity to convey my regards and thank you for all, who have even supported us through last year.
My kids had a big transition from US to India and school eased them off


Dr.Sejal Kaneria and Mr.Sandeep Kaneria
Parent of Siddharth Kaneria (Grade 10)

"I want to specially thank you and your team to make registration of Siddharth possible with CBSE board.When all other schools of Bangalore did not agree to support us Ekya was the only school which stood by us and gave us hope.I thank the administrators and the management of the school from the bottom of my heart.Please convey my gratitude to everyone of them.Also my special thanks to Asha maam, Jayshree and also Prerita and Asmita for helping us deal with our anxiety and being patient with us.


Nandini Aravind
Parent of Aadhya Arvind

"Today evening I witnessed the above quote in action at the Annual Day event. This dream of coming together as a team and working towards a single goal- the Annual Day's Event was completely these there; Sweat, Determination, and Hardwork by the students, the teachers, and the entire staff. As parents we sit through these 2 hours enjoying ourselves looking at our kid with so much pride, admiring other kids and how they all are working as a team, we at times do not get the chance to appreciate the work gone into it all. I take this opportunity to do so...THANK YOU and THE ENTIRE TEAM at BTM EKYA for putting this together and making it such a successful event. Every minute of it was memorable and as a parent, I am glad my daughter was a part of this special event.


Venu and Anjali Menon
Parent of Nayantara (Grade 4)

"Dear Team Ekya BTM,
Thank you one and all for putting up such a spectacular show at 'Sambhrama'. Tristha Ma'am's address really set the tone for the evening, a teacher's role in a child's life......The efforts of all your teachers in shaping our children, whether in the classroom or in their co-curricular was so very evident. The way the children spoke with clarity and good diction, the confidence and effortless poise, grace, and energy with which they performed the songs and dances. It was truly commendable and heartwarming.

A huge shout out and thank you to each and every one of you!!!


Saraswathy and Dr. Rajeev GopalKrishna
Parent of Ishaan Rajeev Gopalakrishna (Grade 2A)

"Dear Ekya BTM team,
Our family thoroughly enjoyed the program. It was so wonderful to experience the (often forgotten) heritage of Indian folk dances; thank you for choosing to showcase India’s culture and tradition. We are sure the children also learned a lot about the states they have only heard about through this.

We want to give special appreciation to the team for beginning and ending the program sharp on time and for a smooth dispersal at the end. This shows that you are mindful and respectful of everyone’s time. It also teaches the children (and parents!) the value of punctuality.

Thank you for a beautiful evening. We look forward to participating in many more such events.



Praveen Bhat
Parent of Parth Bhat (Grade 7)

"Respected Principal Ma'am & Teachers,
I along with family visited this Design Thinking Workshop on Saturday & was overwhelmed by seeing students' projects and their thought process. It is teachers like you who motivate children & give them this exposure which makes them better and better each day. The quantum of involvement that each school staff including Hon. Founder had was simply great & we could sense the warmth when they were interacting with us. The Design Thinking workshop too was a great insight that helped us thinking differently, truly, we never thought on these lines earlier. The Teachers / Host were extremely passionate and we liked the way they conducted the session.
My family and I want to thank each one of you for this fantastic initiative.
Must say, that the Content, Planning & Execution was really good & of course it is Inspiring too.
Thank you Again & Wishing all the best for future endeavors