Deepa Rani
    Head of School, Ekya School BTM Layout

    "Imagine children who come up with questions like ‘why’ things look a particular way or ‘how’ do things change the way they do. Imagine their teachers who firstly acknowledge students in their natural curious ways and then proceed to ‘find out and understand things’ along with them. Imagine the kind of learning that happens when teachers ask (not tell or explain), ‘How can we find that out’ or ‘what is your first response to this?’ Finally, consider the kind of valuable learning that happens as children go out and research, test their ideas or assumptions and present their understandings to their peers.

    This is the kind of teaching-learning environment that is continually nurtured at Ekya. It is a system of education that makes every effort to facilitate students to learn to observe, to think, and connect as they engage with concepts and processes in language, math or arts.

    I welcome you to a community of learners, thinkers, doers, and changemakers at Ekya School BTM Layout.""

    Ms. Deepa Rani has over 20 years of experience as part of the leadership team in reputed schools and as a teacher of Science and Mathematics. She brings with her extensive experience in the field of Child development, curriculum development, lesson planning, activity based learning and more in addition to facilitating teacher growth and professional development. Her educational qualifications include a Master’s in Science and a B.Ed degree.
    Equally at ease with the academic side of education as well as the administrative side of overseeing the smooth functioning of a school campus, Ms. Deepa is a strong believer in teamwork and efficiency. She has a great rapport with students and teachers alike. Her aim is to build a community that helps students, teachers and parents work together to enable growth and create a strong foundation for the future. Creating a conducive learning environment for the students, one that balances academics and holistic growth, is what Ms. Deepa aspires for.


    Asha Doris
    Coordinator, Ekya School BTM Layout

    Ms. Asha Doris is a passionate educator who believes that education is about empowering young minds with skills that equip them for the real world. She is known for helping students to be innovative, creative and self-expressive. Her communication and leadership skills have played a key role in mentoring students for various literary competitions. Under her able guidance students of Ekya School, J P Nagar have won many accolades in Debate, Declamation and Elocution competitions.

    She has been working with Ekya School, J P Nagar since 2013.

    She has a double masters in M.Com and an MA in English with a B.Ed in English and teaching experience of over 17 years. Her other interests include reading, music and theatre.


    Vijayalakshmi Anilkumar
    Pre Primary Coordinator, Ekya School BTM Layout

    Ms. Vijayalakshmi loves spending time with children and believes in implementing progressive education. She is passionate about nurturing and grooming little ones to be good human beings with good values. Her aim is to empower students with requisite skills to enable them to be good problem solvers.
    She is a true believer of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of – The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’
    She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Christ College, Bangalore, a BEd from Bangalore University and is trained in the Montessori system of Education from IMTC. She is currently pursuing an MA in English from IGNOU. She has been with Ekya School, JP Nagar for seven years.
    Ms. Vijayalakshmi’s interests include listening to music and exploring new places and their culture.


    Madhuri V Iyer
    Co-curricular Coordinator, Ekya School BTM Layout

    Ms. Madhuri loves challenges that envision shaping the future. She truly believes that her desire to share her knowledge can be achieved through being a teacher. She is passionate about reshaping and setting a positive example for the upcoming generations. She sees teaching as a positive impulse for creating successful individuals.

    Ms. Madhuri has a degree in Literature and a Bachelors degree in Education. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the same.

    Her hobbies include cooking, travelling, reading fiction and organizing events. She interacts well with people of different mindsets and age groups easily.

    She strongly believes that teamwork is needed to achieve the progress of the student and teacher community.


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