At Ekya School BTM Layout, we use inquiry based techniques to create immersive learning experiences.

    Building on the foundation of inquiry, the primary program at Ekya encourages students from grades 1 to 5 to pursue their intellectual interests through thought-provoking classroom explorations.

    With the English program, the students are introduced to a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, making them proficient, insightful readers and writers. By incorporating engineering and aspects of the Maker Movement, the science program trains these young learners to become problem-solvers and change-makers.

    The social sciences program makes active citizens out of our students who develop an awareness of their surrounding and a sense of responsibility within them. Using software designed specifically for educational purposes, our students learn basic skills of programming and ICT tools, and become trained in digital safety.

    The primary program at Ekya empowers students to forge new paths as they discover and explore new learning areas.

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