At Ekya, we are constantly striving to deliver best of education to our community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. Our efforts are well appreciated by our students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on our school, curriculum and teaching methodologies.


Mr. Ramanan
Parent of Ekya Early Years student

""We attended Abhinav’s observation and met with his teachers. It was an absolute delight to see the teaching techniques employed at Ekya – innovative and the involvement of teachers, exemplary! As a son of a teacher myself, I’ve seen the level of pedagogy at Ekya and I must laud the effort they put towards imparting education.""

Parent of K1 Ekya student

"They emphasize on the smallest of details – school management greeting and receiving every child at the school gate is one example. Our son who is an introvert by nature has learnt and changed so much after going to Ekya. Glad to be part of this community."