Supriya Ramesh
School Coordinator, Ekya School Kanakapura Road

Ms. Supriya is driven by her passion to bring the best out of children and making learning fun for the young minds with innovative techniques. At Ekya, she aims to nurture each child by their uniqueness and inspire them to think outside of the box. She believes that children should be allowed to be independent thinkers, and enjoy the process of self-discovery so that they can fall in love with learning.

With two years in a pure Montessori and two more as a Montessori adult at Ekya, Ms. Supriya is a creative leader that loves to explore new ideas for the benefit of the bright and curious minds of our students. Having received her Montessori training from IMTC, she is an enthusiastic learner who is keen on using learning opportunity, a habit she hopes to inculcate in her students. Beyond her role as the school’s coordinator, Ms. Supriya is a light heart and is passionate about sketching and painting.