A large, lush green campus situated on a two acre property.

The Ekya School Kanakapura campus is a large, lush green campus situated on a two acre property on the main road. This campus has won multiple architectural awards and was designed by an international studio called The Collective Project. Some of the features of the campus are:

  • Multiple outdoor spaces for play
  • Life size acrylic animals on display in the corridors to liven up the space
  • Large outdoor sandpit area with many toys for the children
  • Dedicated play area
  • Gardening area
  • Well-lit, spacious Montessori environments. Every environment contains designated areas for reading, math and role play.
  • Separate puppetry area
  • Appropriately sized toilets for boys and girls.
  • Cosy school library
  • 50-seater AV room
  • Well-ventilated classrooms with large windows. Every classroom contains an in-class library and comfortable and flexible seating
  • Teachers’ Resource Centre
  • Parent-Teacher meeting rooms
  • ICT labs with computers
  • Large and open visual art room
  • Outdoor classroom spill-out zones
  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring facility
  • School infirmary with first aid kit and resting area
  • Student artwork is displayed in the corridors
  • Every classroom has large pin-up boards that showcase current and visible learning. Word walls, math wall, sight words, calendar, social contract and birthday boards are common features.
  • Well maintained and separate staff, boys and girls toilets on every floor.